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Farms for Food Equity

        is a Non Profit Organization that was founded by our friend Penny Jordan of Jordan's Farm. The organization's goal is to end hunger in Maine. They work with farms across the state to minimize their food loss which, on average nationwide, estimates assume is close to 30%. Penny and her team pay farms for this produce that would have been lost and either get it to shelter or kitchen where folks are being fed or to a partner like Wayside Food Programs or Rosemont Market to be lightly processed. 

We are going to be receiving many...many pounds of strawberries through this program that we are hulling, pasteurizing and pureeing to be frozen and used all year long. We'll be donating what would have been the cost of that fruit back to the foundation to further propagate their fabulous mission and fund the purchasing of more end of harvest produce.   

For farms, for folks who are underfed and under-supported, for us as a small business; this program is very cool.

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