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Dear Dairy,

      Ice cream is the magical, whimsical, scientific amalgam that we use as a way of connecting with our people. It's an art project, a community action project, an exhibition. It's our hope that, as a creative outlet, it brings us joy and allows us to interact with our neighbors in a way that makes our community a better place for all the people in it. All of our treats are made with cow's milk from Baker Brook Farm, a family owned dairy in Windham, Maine.  We use two types of sweeteners, cane sugar and tapioca syrup, that are both fair trade and organic. All of our ice creams and sherbet are made with egg yolks. Eggs have lecithin in them. Lecithin makes the fats and the not-fats play nice together. Each of our flavors start as its own base rather than making all of our flavors from just one or two bases which makes it possible to add lots of flavor without making the ice creams texturally weird. Ice cream is a texture before it is a flavor; we believe that wholeheartedly and, no matter how delicious the flavor of an ice cream, if it's texture isn't right we don't think it's worth sharing.  We also make all of the things that we incorporate into our ice creams inreally for the same reason but also because it's fun. Right now, Dear Dairy Ice Cream is made up of two people, Padien Haviland and Glenn Dalrymple. Long time creative partners and friends, we thought it would be fun to work together on something that would allow us to have ownership over the way we made our living. We also get a lot of help from our friends.

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