Pandan Yuzu.png

has pandan leaves steeped in the dairy use to make this flavor.  Pandan has an herbaceous, grassy, nutty flavor. We cook a curd made with egg, sugar, butter and Yuzu, a type of citrus, and swirl the curd into the frozen ice cream.

is made with two different chipped chocolates and an organic, fair trade, minimally process cocoa powder from Tcho.  The addition of the two types of chips adds a more dimensional chocolate flavor and texture that makes our chocolate smoother, chewier and all around more interesting.   

has coffee from friends at Speckled Ax steeped in its dairy.  We also bake a buttermilk coffee cake that we turn into a sauce AND streusel little streusel bits that both get mixed in.

has mastic in it!  It's an evergreen resin we import from Chios, Greece (which is the only place these particular trees grow) and blend it with the sugar we use to sweeten this ice cream.  It has a subtle piney, minty, salty flavor that we think of as our "Vanilla" but there's nothing vanilla about it.

is sweetened with organic, fair trade cane sugar that gets cooked until it's smoking.
We make a not too sweet brown butter custard with butter, sugar, molasses and eggs that gets swirled though after its frozen.

has a buuuunch of roasted carrots and fresh ginger and turmeric juice cooked with coconut and cows milk to make its base.  Its sweet and spicy! 

starts as whole oranges that we cook into marmalade.    The bitter, chewy nectar is cooked with the dairy and egg and sugars to create this flavor's base. Once frozen, we swirl a chewy, bitter chocolate creme anglaise into it.   

is an ice cream that is flavored only by the dairy, sugars and egg we use to make it.  It's a simple canvas that we swirl a chocolate wafer cookie that we bake and turn into a sauce into.

is a flavor we make exclusively for Monte's Fine Foods on Washington Ave.  Its a zambaglione ice cream with a chocolate, lady finger cookie, coffee curd sauce swirled through.